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S2E8: Matt Omernick <> Creating the world’s first FDA approved, doctor-prescribed video game
S2E8: Matt Omernick <> Creating the world’s first FDA approved, doctor-prescribed video game
Rolling on to episode eight we have with us Matt Omernick, who has over 20 years experience in the games industry. Matt is Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Akili Interactive, the creators of the World's first and only FDA-approved, Doctor-prescribed video game in history, EndeavorRx. Working with leading cognitive neuroscientists, they are developing the World's first truly therapeutic mobile games to treat cognitive illnesses such as ADHD, Depression, Autism, Alzheimer's, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as well as a range of additional patient populations. He has a background as Executive Art Director, and Creative Director at studios including DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, @Lucas Arts, and Microsoft. He has worked on over 20 games, including multiple Star Wars and Medal of Honor titles. He has also taught computer graphics at The Academy of Art University, the Art Institute of San Francisco, and Cal State, and authored the book, "Creating the Art of the Game", published in 2004.   Quite in the intro indeed. Get ready for an outstanding Health Points episode on: 'Knocking on doors', following passions (and finding people with diverse interests and passions) to create the foundations of games and healthGameplay that is so sensitive it can be used as a measurement of cognitive changeWith game score improvements that have transferable real-world benefitsThe twin Pillars of clinical data and design on the journey to the prescription of gamified digital therapeuticsAnd the importance of Defining the therapeutic elements or buckets of a game versus the ‘buckets’ that drive engagement and don’t undermine the therapeutic intervention