How to light up with the world with ecstasy and play- with Allison Holley

Untethered with Jen Liss

17-10-2023 • 39 mins

Have you heard of ecstatic dance? Ever wondered what it's all about and why anyone would want to do it?

I brought Allison Holley on the podcast to help us understand why everyone is suddenly talking about ecstasy, and we got this and so much more in return. Allison is an author and channel (who teaches others how to channel, too). Knowing this, I got pretty darn curious! Come with us on a journey down some pretty deep spiritual rabbit holes.

In this episode, we explore the fusion of spirituality and ecstatic play, discussing how these concepts intersect and can enhance one's personal journey. According to Allison, ecstatic play can help you unleash your gifts in ways that help you shine as bright as you were meant to be.

We address common misconceptions and challenges related to spirituality itself, as well as the relationship between joy, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • What spirituality has to do with ecstasy and play.
  • Ways to integrate ecstatic play into your own spiritual life.
  • How ecstatic play can facilitate personal transformation and self-discovery.
  • What channeling is (and why you're already doing it right now.)
  • The benefits of conscious channeling.
  • Why curiosity is your best friend for any awakening.


  • You are the light, and the only thing that keeps us from being ecstatic are our own filters.
  • Everything you experience is your own creation, so why not play for fun?
  • When we remove the barriers of human conditioning and allow the fullness of light to flow through us, we become illuminated.
  • Ecstasy is really allowing the fullness of light to stream through us.
  • You are, at your very essence, love incarnate. Therefore, you're doing a great job without even trying.

Meet Allison Holley
Allison Holley is an Andromedan starseed, channel, and author of the books The Era of the True Creator (2018) and Ecstatic Playground (2023). After experiencing a profound awakening in 2012, Allison began spontaneously channeling and receiving visions of the world to come. She left her former life to integrate these higher frequency downloads, and eventually began teaching and channeling for others. Allison now offers channeled transmissions, activations, and guidance worldwide, to assist in our current global awakening.

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