How to embrace your imperfections to have more success and less stress

Untethered with Jen Liss

24-10-2023 • 45 mins

Do you identify as one of the 3Ps: a Pleaser, Perfectionist, or Procrastinator? Or maybe...a bit of all three ?

Dawn Calvinisti is here to tell us how to identify the ways the 3Ps could be showing up in your day-to-day and how they could be preventing you from fully stepping into an authentic life you love.

Dawn is a passionate advocate for empowering women to embrace their imperfections and lead more joyful, successful, and less stressful lives. In this episode, Dawn shares her personal journey from striving for perfection to embracing imperfections – and the turning point that led her to advocate for choosing authenticity over striving to do everything right.

She tells us about the moment she woke up and realized that she was being everything to everyone – and no one to herself. This led to the unraveling of all the ways she was masking and shape-shifting to try to fit into the perfect expectations of she thought  others were placing on her.

Wherever you are in your journey, you’ll find less stress and more joy in this episode as Dawn underscores the the importance of celebrating your imperfections and seeking support on the way to a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Listen to yourself to hear:

  • How to identify if the 3Ps are getting in our way of living our best life.
  • The parts of Pleasing, Perfectionism, and Procrastination that you might want to keep around!
  • How to stop being an ostrich and and finally stop hiding behind our masks.
  • Why the ways we think we "should" be living is one of the biggest tethers keeping us stuck.

The powerful question Dawn posed in this question:
If I had no expectations at all, if no one was around, what would I choose to do?

Dawn Calvinisti helps women who identify as people-pleasers, perfectionists and procrastinators find joy and simplicity by getting clear on what they want with step by step directions on how to get there -- without the stress and overwhelm that causes them to freeze.

Instagram: @pursueprogresswithdawn
Podcast: Imperfection in Progress

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