Why your gifts are needed and how to unleash your creative magic

Untethered with Jen Liss

04-10-2023 • 20 mins

You were put on Earth for a reason. You have magical gifts that were meant to be unleashed.

Still, so many people struggle to believe this. In this episode, I'll take you on an uplifting and inspirational voyage to explore how you can begin to believe in the remarkable potential within you that is waiting to for you to recognize it.

Yes. You may carry the burdens of your life challenges, your current situation, and some serious generational wounds – and with awareness of this, it is your moral duty to untether from all of it them and to come back home to the light within you.

The key to igniting your gifts and shining them bright is by following that light. What lights you up? What gets you excited? Start to do it, and in a way that freaking DELIGHTS you!

The truth is that, sadly, most of aren't leaning into what lights us up. Instead, we're expending ridiculous amounts of energy leaning into resistance. Why would we do that?That doesn't make any sense, right?  Don't we want to be happy? Well, in this episode, I explain why we do this and how you can make the choice that moves you forward instead of the one that keeps you stuck in cycles of control, anxiety, stress, fear, procrastination, and perfectionism.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, looking to overcome obstacles, or simply curious about what remarkable abilities lie within you, this episode will inspire you to tap into the brilliant creator within and unlock the incredible gifts that have been waiting to shine within you!

You don't have to follow the well-trodden path.
You don't have to do it a certain way.
Follow your path.
Do it your way.
That's what the world needs.

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • How to truly own your creative gifts, even if you don't currently believe they exist .
  • The key to getting yourself out of perfectionism and procrastination and into the life you've been dreaming of.
  • A reminder that you are already perfect, whole and complete.

Here's the Instagram Reel of the raving priest I allude to in the episode.

This is a Thursday Thread where I've  pulled from the previous episode featuring Ashley Meyer.

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