How to get out of a job you hate (by leaning into what you love)

Untethered with Jen Liss

13-10-2023 • 22 mins

Are you stuck in a job that drains your energy and leaves you wanting something more? Ready to put in your notice and run off to finally start doing that thing you love?

It's time to break free and start actively pursuing a career that aligns with your true passions. BUT, it's not going to happen in the way you think.

The way out of a job you hate is not pining for a better life, or dreaming of the brighter future on the other side. It's to start creating the fun right where you already are. (Yes, right here in that job you hate.)

In this episode, I share how having fun today – in that environment that's making you miserable – is your golden ticket straight out of that sh*thole. I speak from experience as someone who did this, and as someone who coaches people to do it, too.

Following your fun is the true way to discover your passions, gifts, and the most fulfilling way to contribute, and doing it in an place where it's challenging to do so? Well, that's a fun challenge, isn't it?

Still doubting me on this? Believe me, I get it. I doubted it, too. But it works. And you can certainly keep trying to pine your way out of that job or career that's not lighting your soul on fire... or you can grab your lab coat and become a scientist who starts treating life less seriously and more like an experiment.

If you're tired of the 9-to-5 grind and ready to embrace a career that lights up your soul, don't miss this episode. Whether you're seeking a major career change or simply looking for ways to infuse more passion into your current job, this episode is a must-listen for anyone on the journey to professional and personal fulfillment. Tune in and learn how to take that first step towards a future that truly excites you.

After listening to this episode, ask yourself: What could be fun for me right now? What might I enjoy?

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • Why having fun today in your job is your ticket out of it
  • Why following your genuine curiosity and being
  • The process to help you find a career you're passionate about, even if you don't yet know what you want.

Today's breath: The Art of Noticing

This is a Thursday Thread where I pulled a thread from Rob Walker's episode on Tuesday to help you untether a little bit more. The little activities in Rob Walker's book The Art of Noticing can help you see things that are lighting you up in the present moment.

**This episode dropped a few days late due to an error with posting it**

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