How to find clarity and confidence with breathwork

Untethered with Jen Liss

16-11-2023 • 29 mins

How do you tap into your own true sense of clarity and confidence ?

This episode is your journey to a more confident, clear, and spiritually connected self, showing you how the transformative power of breathwork can guide you back home to the true essence of who you are and what you came here to do.

Hear my personal experiences, from my childhood spiritual disconnect with dogmatic religious practices to my discovery of the profound clarity and confidence that came when I deeply connected to myself through breathwork.

Explore the secret that seems to be known to many successful individuals - a deep and profound understanding of themselves, their unique brilliance, and what they came here to do. See how breathwork can serve as an anchor, bringing us back to our true self.

To help you experience this transformative practice, I invite you to experience a breath practice designed to help you find clarity and confidence.

I'll also let you in on an exciting opportunity - the upcoming Awaken Your Brilliance Retreat, co-created with Misty Springer and Alexandra Cole, featuring a human design workshop, somatic coaching, guided visualization, and of course, breathwork.

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