Developing a growth-oriented mindset: Alexandre’s path to balance and sustainable success

Soultime Dr. Katja Makowka

06-08-2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Join us in this inspiring interview as we dive deep into Alex's transformative personal journey of stepping outside his comfort zone, cultivating a growth-oriented mindset, and following his true purpose. Through his experiences, he shares valuable insights on embracing courage, taking proactive steps towards our passions, and overcoming challenges with resilience. Alex opens up about his profound reflections on nurturing well-being and uplifting his own mindset on a daily basis. We'll explore the powerful techniques he employs to strengthen his mental outlook and navigate life's ups and downs with grace. In this conversation, Alex shares his wisdom on empowering students with a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Discover the key ingredients needed to inspire and support the younger generation in their pursuit of personal growth and academic success. Tune in to this heartwarming interview as we gain valuable lessons from Alex's journey towards self-discovery, purpose, and well-being. Get ready to be motivated and empowered to take conscious steps towards creating a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. 🌟✨ If you are interested in more information, check out Alexs Instagram page: Follow me on instagram for more inspiring, motivational and uplifting content. See you there😍🦋✨ For more ideas to raise your confidence and energy listen to the following episodes: Episode 52: The biggest misconceptions about happiness Episode 50: It's not a one-way street: the correlation between happiness, learning and better performance Episode 45: Make your Mondays to fun days —How to create amazing mondays Episode 33: Why setting intentions matters Episode 29: How to strengthen self- belief Episode 26 :Our comfort zone-a cozy place” But nothing grows there.

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