#140 Mike Armstrong

Life on the Line

03-07-2023 • 49 mins

Angus Hordern interviews Afghanistan veteran and artist Mike Armstrong.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian military veterans and records their stories. Michael Armstrong joined the Australian Defence Force in 1998 as an aircraft technician. He went on to serve as a signals officer, deploying with 2 RAR to Timor and with the 2nd Commando Regiment to Afghanistan. He was on the last plane out of Afghanistan in Rotation XX. Throughout his time in the army Mike also taught as a hand-to-hand combat instructor, drawing on his martial arts background. He moved to work in Cyber before medically discharging. Today he keeps connected with the veteran community through his ‘Voices of Veterans’ artwork.

The episode referenced at the end of the podcast is #97 Paul Cale.


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