3 Different Pints a Fun Beer Review Podcast

3 Different Pints

Las Vegas based show. Three guys blind taste beers and tell hilarious stories. Although the show is based off a beer rating platform it is so much more. Every show is different and is for entertainment purposes, we know everyone's palate isn't the same and we review many styles of beer/cocktails. This is how we rate the Beers. Color (look of the beer) 1-10, Smell (does it smell good) 1-10, Taste (does it taste good) 1-10, and the WOW Factor (If you see this beer in a Bar/Pub Setting are you wowed or excited to see it and would buy it again) 1-10. Final Beer rating are located at 3Differentpints.com. Go ahead, grab a cold one, unplug from the world, turn your brain off and let Justin, Duane, and Kevin put a smile on your face. Visit us on Instagram @3DPints ... Tik Tok @3Dpints ... Twitter @DifferentPints ...Facebook 3 Different Pints. Please Like/Follow and tell a friend, your support is graciously appreciated read less