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Condensed Histories

Jem Duducu

Condensed Histories bridges the gap between history and popular culture. In each episode of Condensed Histories our host, Jem Duducu, takes an item of popular culture and looks under the surface to find real history hiding inside, with fascinating facts and stories about history spanning all eras, and also about the development of the piece pop-culture itself, appealing to history lover and enthusiasts of movies, games and music alike!

From shows on Netflix, Prime or Disney Plus, to the lastest blockbuster films, and even video games, songs, board games and food, Jem shows us how much history is lurking in our everyday entertainment.

Wandavision, The Dig, Warhammer, Queen’s Gambit,  Assassin’s Creed, Jojo Rabbit,  Cobra Kai, The Lord of the Rings and Monopoly are among the subjects in which which Jem has so far discovered a surprising amount of history!

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