What Makes a Wise Leader? A conversation with Dr Suzi Skinner and Dr Paul Lawrence

Every Step

17-07-2023 • 38 mins

In this episode of Every Step, Judith Beck and Krystyna Weston are joined by Dr Suzi Skinner and Dr Paul Lawrence, co-authors of ‘The Wise Leader’.  We discuss what makes a wise leader in today's environment.

In this episode, we explore: 🌟 What makes a wise leader 🌟 What can organisations do to ensure they are nurturing wise leaders

🌟 How do leaders coming into a new team develop relationships with their team

🌟 How reflective techniques can help in your journey to be a wise leader. About Suzi

Dr Suzi Skinner (PhD) is a published author, researcher, international leadership practitioner and Managing Director of Roar People - a global leadership consultancy in Sydney and Seattle. Suzi works with organizations internationally to accelerate change toward more inclusive leadership practices and build cultures of leadership at every level. Suzi’s compelling approach combines the proven evidence base of leadership and executive coaching with fresh perspectives on tapping into the leadership potential of every individual.

Suzi coaches and facilitates at executive and board level in a range of leading international organizations including Cisco; Dell; Expedia; Microsoft; Kimberly Clark; Ernst & Young; BUPA; Lloyds International; Stockland; Australian Unity; Google; Pepsico and many more. Her innovative programs titled “What’s Your Leader Identity?” have been conducted in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia and continue to successfully challenge outdated notions of leading.

Suzi’s book: “Build Your Leader Identity – A Practical Guide to Leading Authentically from Any Position” has sold thousands of copies globally. Suzi was also awarded the Outstanding Women Leaders Award by the World Women Leadership Congress (WWLC) for her work in providing leadership development programs for women in India and internationally.

About Paul

Paul is a facilitator, coach, change consultant and researcher. After completing a PhD in Psychology, Paul embarked upon a corporate career with BP plc, leading teams and businesses in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia and Japan.

Paul has been working as a coach and consultant since 2007, based in Sydney Australia, and has over 4,500 coaching hours working with individuals, groups and teams.

Paul conducts research on a regular basis and has published more than a dozen academic articles and book chapters. He has authored six books Leading Change: How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management, Coaching in Three Dimensions: Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World and The Tao of Dialogue, Coaching Systemically: Five Ways of Thinking About Systems, The Team Leader Instruction Manual and The Wise Leader.

Paul has taught coaching at the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong, is an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford Brookes University, and established the Association for Coaching in Australia.

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