How to create a culture of candour. A conversation with Elly Johnson.

Every Step

14-08-2023 • 49 mins

As a leader are you creating a culture of candour? Are team members confident to speak the truth or are they afraid to be open and honest? How well do people react when feedback is provided? Do we make it safe for people to be truthful with us?

In this episode of Every Step podcast, Krystyna Weston and Judith Beck are joined by Elly Johnson where we discuss creating a culture of candour. This episode is a continuation of the conversation we had with Elly on the subject of Truth and Deception (Episode #12). In this episode we expand on our conversation and explore:

🌟 Are you creating a culture of trust in your organisation? Do words match actions?

🌟 Does your team feel they can speak freely, or do they hide the truth from you and others?

🌟 How are you as an employee showing your colleagues and employer that you are dependable?

🌟 Are you taking responsibility for how you react and how others react to you?

🌟 Do you have emotional maturity during a conversation? How well do people respond to feedback?

Elly Johnson is a respected thought leader specialising in the topics of confidence, connection, and truth. With career foundations in law enforcement, sales and leadership, Elly has been training, speaking, and consulting to global businesses, government agencies, groups, and individuals for over 20 years. Elly has trained and presented in person to thousands across seven countries, and many more virtually. Her expansive experience includes consulting with and developing programs for national security and intelligence agencies, law enforcement as well as working with global businesses.

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