Joseph Reid on Making Strategic Vulnerability a Social Norm to Help People With Their Mental Health

Hope Out of the Darkness

20-07-2021 • 40 mins

Host: Shell Pavlis

Guest: Joseph Reid

A support group allows members to exchange personal experiences and thoughts, coping methods, and firsthand knowledge about mental health. A support group can bridge the gap between your own coping strategies and the need for emotional assistance for many people. A person's connection with a doctor or other mental health staff may not give enough emotional support. Groups made up of family, friends, and others who have had similar experiences may be a strong and influential tool for meeting your emotional needs and helping you through even the most trying times.

If you are in crisis or know someone who is...please call:

Suicide Lifeline at 1-800- 273-8255

or text the word “help” to 741-741

Joseph Reid has had a passion for loving and helping people from a very early age. He is the founder and Executive Director of Broken People, an international mental health peer support group. He is also very active as a peer support specialist and family advocate with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the nation's largest grassroots mental health nonprofit organization.

He is extremely passionate about following God's direction, loving and serving his wife Melissa of 24 years, and trying to keep up with his four awesome grown kids. He currently oversees several brilliant writers on his website's blog that can be found at:

Joseph has created a practical and easy-to-use scale for measuring your everyday mental wellness. He provides good tips on journaling and how to make your practice more enjoyable for those of us who are uncomfortable with the concept of journaling in general. In his book Broken Like Me: An Insider's Toolkit For Mending Broken People, Joseph acknowledges connections as vital to healthy mental health and shares how he builds and nurtures his own friendships, approaches isolation and evaluates taking risks.

00:00 Introduction

2:11 Joe's background

3:47 Explanation of Joe's mental health scale

9:31 Being able to apply tools to one's own reality

11:38 Importance of keeping a journal

15:38 Importance of friendship and knowing "when to fire a friend"

18:06 Advice on how to help friends in crisis

29:23 What is the project Broken People?

34:17 Advice on how to support your own mental health

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