Teen World-Changer, Shannon Monet, on Bullying, Suicide, and Peer Support

Hope Out of the Darkness

29-03-2022 • 32 mins

How does bullying affect the mental health of kids and teens? Shannon Monet candidly explains how the words of her classmates affected her, some of the choices that helped shape her emotions, and how she regained her own sense of power and purpose to help others. You won’t want to miss this 15-year-old’s perspective on mental health, her suggestions for making mental health advocacy more effective, and some amazing insights.

If you are in crisis or know someone who is...please call:

Suicide Lifeline at 1-800- 273-8255

or text the word “help” to 741-741


About Shannon:

Shannon Monet is 15 years old. Shannon is extremely focused and desires to make a positive impact on today’s, and the next, generation. Shannon has found her value and purpose. She believes no one should be left alone, or feel alone. She wants her story to help the lost find their identity. She believes everyone has their unique purpose and should work to walk in that purpose. There are many suffering from suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, fear, and more. Her goal and purpose are to use her voice through social media, graphic design, and capturing visuals on YouTube. She has an incredible and undying love for people and wants to be a light in this very dark world.


  • Shannon’s experience with being bullied in school
  • Our choices can shape our emotions
  • Recognizing your own power and purpose
  • The importance of a strong support system
  • Maintaining your own mental health while helping others
  • How can we make mental health advocacy more effective?
  • The #duckduckhope origin story


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