Mira's Story: Struggles with Eating Disorders, The Value of Travel, and Shifting Unhealthy Behaviors (Ep. 2)

The Beyond Body Show

08-06-2022 • 38 mins

Trigger warning: if you are currently struggling with an eating disorder or find this topic emotionally triggering, this might be an episode to skip.

Mira shares her story and how she became an online coach through many chapters and iterations of her life. She talks about trips to India and Thailand, living and operating a boat for an extended period of time, and all while dealing with eating issues. There's a lot in this episode Mira has never shared before so we hope you enjoy!

Time Stamps:

(0:20) Trigger Warning

(2:50) Mira’s Focus on Her Body

(7:50) Going to India During High School and Yoga

(12:25) Shifting Unhealthy Behaviors

(17:00) Thailand and Continuing to Struggle

(23:00) The Fishing and Boat Life

(29:04) The Subconscious Voice

(38:02) Please DM Me If This Resonates with You


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