Life Coaching Series: The 3 foundations of Confidence

Daily Encouragement with Ashley Campbell

11-02-2020 • 30 mins

Today I discuss the 3 foundational areas that must be evaluated in order to grow in confidence and move forward with the grace of God on your life.

Learn about self concept, self worth and self esteem and how they all build upon each other with your real self (self concept) being the foundation of your confidence. Listen today as I break down all three of these in hopes to give clarity to where your may be having issues with confidence.

Ask yourself these questions after you listen to this episode.

Do you have confidence in your life?

Why or why not?

What experiences have shaped the beliefs you currently have about yourself?

How are those beliefs impacting you today?

How are the beliefs (meanings you attached to your experiences) impacting your current reality?

Are they stealing, killing and destroying you are giving you life like Jesus promised?

Are you afraid to face all this reality in your life?

Do you believe Gods grace can handle all this?

Why or why not?

Who told you that Gods grace wasn't enough?

What hole of shame are you stuck in?

What new meaning can you attach to this belief that is keeping you stuck?

Can you see the relationship to what meaning you have atached and how you are being?

Sit down and ask yourself these questions if you want to grow in confidence.

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