Examining the hidden dimensions of racial tensions in America

Transform Your Life: A Unification View

30-07-2020 • 47 mins

In this episode, we examine hidden dimensions to racial tensions in America. We propose an idea on how African Americans and Whites can heal their individual and collective pain and make deeper positive connections with one another.

Here's a breakdown of what is covered in today's episode:

· Brief introduction to Idris's book, The Greatest Virtues Are Peace, Unity, and Forgiveness.

· Processing unresolved anger and fear.

· Personal experiences with racial tension and misunderstanding.

· Unconscious transferece of racial fears.

· The African idea of Ubuntu (human connection).

· Building trust and listening to one another.

· Recognizing the responsibility Black Africans and Whites have to resolve historical pain between the two races.

· The Forgiveness and Reconciliation Ceremony Project to heal individual and collective pain between Blacks and Whites.

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