Love in America: Up your chances for success

Transform Your Life Today

26-08-2020 • 51 mins

Most Americans who want to have a long-term partner believe in the idea true love. Unfortunately, it appears millions of people suffer pain, loss, and a sense of hopelessness in trying to make this idea a reality in their lives. In this episode, we explore the idea of true, or real love, and offer insights and practical ideas on how to be better equipped for success in this area of your life.

Here’s how the show unfolds:

· Who believes in true love?

· Reasons for wanting to get married

· The phenomenon of “fish love”

· Understanding the meaning of real, or true love

· Feelings of romantic love are a cruel trick of

· The phenomenon of emotional transference in
choosing a partner

· Growth and development, not happiness, is what
marriage is about

· The role of physical attraction and chemistry in
choosing a partner

· How cultural norms shape our attitude about relationships
and marriage

· A Hindu proverb about love

· Love and marriage go together like a horse and

· Soulmate love and happiness

· The need to experience four levels of love

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