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A New Untold Story is a podcast. KB was the smallest newborn in the history of Wheeling. Nobody believed that he would survive, but KB believed he was a legitimate miracle. KB loved baseball despite that he almost never got to play, and when he did it was only to get a walk from his small strike zone. Nick's mother, Rebecca Wentworth, got pregnant in high school. The only fact anyone knows about Nick's parentage is that Rebecca met his father on a train. Her refusal to reveal the identity of the father has made Nick a living town scandal. KB is obsessed with how long he can hold his breath underwater, always trying to improve this ability.

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Our Editor's Take

A New Untold Story sounds like a heartwarming podcast, complete with a sweet origin story. That tale is about the show's hosts battling to survive despite the odds being against them. One host loves baseball and the other loves swimming. Both want to succeed in sports.

But that origin story is a prank and not for real. It adds to the humor of this podcast. The "ANUS" initials of A New Untold Story, the show's title, indicate the irreverence of this series. This isn't a feel-good, Rudy-style story. Instead, this is a Barstool Sports comedy podcast. It's not a show about underdogs made good in the sports world, although the two hosts are underdogs in their own way. Kyle (KBNoSwag) Bauer and Nick Turani cohost the program. The two Gen Z men like to tell stories about themselves on this program. Many crazy things happen to them. Some of the stories they tell may even be true.

A New Untold Story has the comedic content one might expect from Barstool Sports. Of course, there are sports conversations. But there are also a lot of adult-oriented conversations and jokes. The hosts will appeal to young men who like the Barstool Sports sensibility. The jokes and discussions aren't for everyone, but they are amusing. People who like podcasts like Son of a Boy Dad may enjoy this program.

KB and Nick do videos for A New Untold Story each week. This is the podcast version. Most episodes go for an hour or even much longer. Fans of the program may also like The Yak. That's another comedic podcast for Barstool Sports that KB and Nick cohost each week.

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