#157 David Shares Insights Into Shoe Rotations, and Matt Reviews the Adidas Prime X 2

Doctors of Running Podcast

20-09-2023 • 41 mins

This episode is a special double-feature from David and Matt. First off, David give you some advice on building a two, three, and four shoe rotation for both the road and the trail. He'll help you answer questions like: What kind of shoe do I start with? What should I use for my faster workouts? When do I need a racing shoe? Whether you (or a friend) are new to the world of running shoes or a seasoned veteran looking to refine your approach, David's tips are sure to help.

Then, Matt gives his review of the completely redesigned Adidas Adios Prime X 2 Strung. The first edition was wild, fun, and polarizing with its energetic, bouncy, yet unstable ride (not to mention the $300 price tag). Matt has found this huge update to bring big changes to the ride of the shoe. Think your mechanics can't handle such a high stack shoe? You might want to give this one a shot!

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