The Sandbox with Diane and Rebekka

Diane Reynolds & Rebekka Helford

Together, Los Angeles-based marriage and family therapists Diane Reynolds and Rebekka Helford have spent a combined total of over 35 years working with children, families, and organizations, helping foster strong relationships and thinking long and hard about what helps them flourish. Join us for a journey into the mental playground we call "the Sandbox." We welcome you along for the ride as we think about all human relationships--romantic partnerships, parenting, friendships, work relationships--and how to make them work better. Communication is challenging - dive into the sandbox with us for some new ideas and metaphors to improve your relationships today. Theme song composed and performed by Rebekka Helford, lyrics by Rebekka Helford & Diane Reynolds The zen garden sandbox in our logo was created by Olander Earthworks ( read less
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