Sibling Reveries: Mommy Is the Lollipop

The Sandbox with Diane and Rebekka

09-04-2019 • 43 mins

It's been 7 weeks and the baby hasn't gone away. How is 4 year old big sister coping? Dynamics of control and cooperation loom large in this month's installment of Sibling Reveries, a yearlong accompaniment to the journey of becoming a family of four. Join Rebekka and Diane as they explore how 3-7 year olds begin to cultivate a cooperative relationship with reality - and bedtime! - and how their caregiving leadership team can help them. Listen in for some mindful offerings on navigating the power and control dynamics older siblings of newborns tend to show us. Play with our ideas at home and see what works in your family, whether it's a family of two, three, four, five, or more!