Victor Glover - Fathers on the Move (part 2)

The Ralph Moore Podcast

07-04-2023 • 17 mins

This is an astounding interview.

Victor Glover surrendered his life to Jesus during his third stint in prison. Within an hour he led another person to Jesus.

The next step was leading Bible studies then a church while incarcerated. That led to early parole--he says that Satan got him kicked out to disrupt the ministry.

But he wasn’t done. He’s developed a process for planting churches in state and federal prisons and in an overlooked mission field—local jails.

But the kicker is what happens to men both inside and outside of the prisons.

Victor and his team have developed a discipling relationship which begins in prison—they befriend people and listen to their problems before introducing Jesus. This turns into a brotherhood which continues after a man is released.

The highly effective continued discipling effort cuts recidivism and re-integrates men into their communities and families.

Victor reminds us that “It’s very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.”Because of this unique church multiplication process thousands are doing much better.

What amazed me during the interview was that I discovered that you and I already possess most of the tools necessary to do something similar, not only in prisons but in other unreached pockets of people.

For me, the power in this interview is the way Victor filled in the gaps in my understanding of how to replicate his efforts in my own circumstances.

One key to the success you’ll hear about throughout the podcast is found on the Fathers on the Move Website—it’s the “ongoingness” of mentoring and disciplemaking. What starts with a friend becomes a brotherhood where mentors never let go of an individual.

You can connect with Victor via the website for Fathers on the Move or by phone (he gave us his number towards the end of the interview.

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