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Are you a "Drive to Survive" fan? Are you new to F1? Are you an established F1 fan who is looking to spice up your stale relationship with the sport? Do you look at what F1 for what it really is... a reality show at 200mph?! Then we're the podcast for you!! Listen to two childhood enemies, turned best friends, turned F1 husbands discuss all the topics you really wanna hear about... like who's the hottest driver, which team principal has the most daddy energy, and so much more. We're the Red Flags! A podcast about Formula 1 for little sluts who live for the drama! Come Listen! read less

Our Editor's Take

The Red Flags Podcast sounds like it could be a series about dating problems. Instead, it's a comedy sports show about Formula 1 (F1) car racing. Red flags get waved when officials need to stop a road race for things like weather issues. The hosts of the show are Brian Muller and Matt Elisofon. Brian works as an actor. He's had parts in Bridge and Tunnel, Chicago PD, and Elementary, among others. His childhood friend Matt wrote the screenplay for Being Charlie in 2015.

Both friends watched the Netflix show Formula 1: Drive to Survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many Americans, Drive to Survive was their first exposure to the world of FI racing and they loved it. Matt and Brian soon realized that other than the Netflix show, no media existed about Formula 1 in the US. So The Red Flags Podcast was born.

Formula 1 is an exciting sport. First, there are the races. Matt and Brian tape podcast episodes on-site whenever possible. So listeners get front seats to races like the Miami Grand Prix or the IndyCar Long Beach Grand Prix. The hosts also happy to provide recaps of all the races they couldn't attend.

It turns out F1 racers and managers lead gossip-worthy lives. Matt and Brian report on Lewis Hamilton sightings at Coachella and rumors of Taylor Swift dating Fernando Alonso. The hosts discuss the futures of Daniel Ricciardo and Nyck de Vries. Why did Oscar Piastri move to McLaren? Why do Matt and Brian prefer Aston Martin over Mercedes? This show has the answers.

The Red Flags Podcast cohosts remember their show's beginnings. Every few episodes, they'll spend time on a recap of the latest airing of Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

The podcast's tone is as high octane as the fuel the cars run on. Matt and Brian exchange jokes in quick succession. The Red Flags Podcast may delight F1 fans, old and new. The podcast episodes debut several times a week.

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