#229 - When You Need an Appraisal in the Worst Possible Way...

Open House with Team Reba

11-09-2021 • 49 mins

What happens when you suddenly need a qualified valuation on a property for tax purposes?

(People die sometimes.  It’s a problem.)

In this episode of Open House, Reba and Eric walk you through your options.

There's always appraisers, but they're expensive, there are fewer of them, and they're often strapped for time in today's busy market.

There's online resources like Zillow or Redfin, but you might get a figure off by more than $100K, which could have significant ramifications for the long term impact of taxation to those inheriting property, particularly as seen by the IRS.


And then, there’s Team Reba, offering qualified property valuation services on properties at a reasonable cost as compared with high-priced appraisers, and without the liability of unreliable online resources.  Get the lowdown at: info@teamreba.com or by calling 206-457-2984.

Plus a discussion on important home-buying tips, a look at recent rate action and its impact on the market, and all the fun banter you expect from your trusted , but fun-loving experts in real estate and lending.

It’s an ‘appraise’-worthy episode of Open House with Team Reba!

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