How Alpine is bridging the gap between F1 and sim racing | S6 E1

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28-02-2023 • 28 mins

A special early episode of the Traxion.GG Podcast before we start our new-for-2023 season, we visited the Alpine F1 Team's home in the Cotswolds to see its ambitious sim racing esports plans for the season ahead.

It announced the return of the Alpine Esports series, which anyone can enter via Assetto Corsa Competizione, its new-look F1 Esports Series Pro line-up and a host of new partners that are linking the real and virtual worlds.

In this episode, Piers Prior interviewed members of Alpine and the Alpine F1 team to get the lowdown on why it's betting big on virtual competition.

Hear from:

  • Guillaume Vergnas - Head of Esports, Gaming & Web3 - Alpine
  • Richard Arnaud - Président - Race Clutch
  • Gregory Ballati - Manager and Coach - Race Clutch and Alpine F1 Esports
  • Zouhayr Alami, Enterprise Data Architect - Alpine
  • Johan Akkerman - Global Business Development Manager - Trak Racer

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