Coaching 101 with Alisa Cohn

Forever Employable Stories

08-06-2021 • 31 mins

Alisa Cohn is an executive coach, CEO of Alisa Cohn & Associates, Inc., and Member of the Board of Advisors at Hone and cela. She is a writer for Inc, Forbes and Harvard Business Review, and has been featured in BBC, Bloomberg, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other regional publications. She was named the #1 Startup Coach in the world by Thinkers50 and placed among the Top 30 Global Gurus for Startups. Some of her clients include Venmo, Foursquare, Calvin Klein, and Pfizer. Alisa joins Jeff Gothelf to share how she discovered the concept of coaching and why she felt it was the right decision for her. She discusses how she built her business and eventually scaled it to the point where she is now, the top recognized expert on startup coaching. She offers the tips and techniques she used along her journey that made her forever employable.  You’ll hear Alisa and Jeff Gothelf talk about: What an executive coach does. Why Alisa left the corporate world to pursue coaching. How Alisa gained experience and improved by coaching her friends. The importance of networking in building your brand. Why writing is important in becoming an expert. Methods of generating business. How Alisa stays relevant with the added competition in the new virtual workplace. In the Forever Employable podcast, host Jeff Gothelf shares stimulating, impactful stories and interviews with successful professionals as he prepares to launch his new book. It is his aim to provide listeners with the actionable insights to take them from professionally fit to forever employable.  Watch the full conversation with Alisa and Jeff here.  Resources Jeff Gothelf on LinkedIn | Twitter Alisa Cohn on LinkedIn