Securing Cloud Technology: Insights from NCC Group. Adopting and Implementing CSA Cloud Control Matrix

CSA Security Update

16-05-2023 • 34 mins

In this podcast interview, we sit down with Nandor Csonka, the global practice lead for cloud security services at NCC Group, to explore their adoption and implementation of the CSA Cloud Control Matrix (CCM). Nandor shares the initial process of why NCC Group adopted the CCM and the challenges they encountered as a non CSP (Cloud Service Provider), along with their strategies for overcoming them.

He also highlights the specific benefits and improvements that resulted from the adoption within NCC Group. Furthermore, Nandor delves into the common challenges faced by clients when implementing the CSA CCM and provides insights on successful adoption strategies.

We discuss the transition from older versions to CSA CCM V4 and its associated challenges. Lastly, Nandor sheds light on NCC Group's future involvement with the CSA CCM, including their journey to become an accredited CB (Certification Body) and CSA STAR (Security, Trust & Assurance Registry) auditing firm. He also shares his perspective on areas where organizations may need to focus more attention and allocate resources in the coming years. Join us for an insightful discussion on securing cloud technology and reducing risk with NCC Group's cloud security expert.