Reading Acts in Easter

Catholic Bishops' Conference

Listen to the 'Acts of the Apostles' read throughout the season of Easter. Starting on Easter Monday, we begin Luke's account of the early church after Christ's Resurrection. The book of Acts records the spread of the Gospel from Jerusalem to Rome. You can listen to all 28 chapters, one-a-day from Monday to Saturday, taken from the English Standard Version of the Bible.

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Acts 16: 16-40
4 mins
Acts 16: 16-40Acts 15: 36-41 to Acts 16: 1-15Acts 15: 1-35Acts 14: 8-28Acts 13: 44-52 to Acts 14: 1-7Acts 13: 13-43Acts 13: 1-12Acts 12: 1-25Acts 11: 1-30Acts 10: 23-48