Episode 17: Liars' Quest by Michelle L. Levigne

Ye Olde Dragon's Library

23-04-2023 • 24 mins

Welcome to the new episode of Ye Olde Dragon's Library storytelling podcast!

Current story: LIARS' QUEST

Each week, you'll hear the adventures of Ash, an orphan servant girl with a missing past, and hints of magical potential. When she is accused of a crime, both she and her accuser are revealed as liars. They end up on a quest with a list of deeds to accomplish, to prove who is telling the truth and who is the liar.

Episode 17:  King Ruprick's bully-boys show up to steal more of Cecil's magic books, and Fang intervenes. The village hasn't known about the half-vampire bunny until that moment. Now Ash really does need to leave, before the gossip inflames panic and makes her and Fang the victims of a monster hunt.

The story world ties into a series of short stories published in Ye Olde Dragon Books anthologies: Daughter of the Beastly Beauty, Tower to Tower, Patches, and Beauty in a Box.

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Liars' Quest © 2022 by Michelle L. Levigne

Theme music: Wonderland, by Roman Senyk Music, obtained via Pixabay

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