Snug as a Bug or Out on a Limb?

Feeling Versonic

19-04-2021 • 36 mins

In this Episode I look at the viability, and assess the pro's and con's of modern day Working from Home.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has prompted countless companies and business owners to close their offices, and switch to encouraging employee's (and themselves) to work from home, or work remotely.  The prospect of working from home can sound exciting, but if it's not something the individual has experienced before it can take a lot getting used to and adapting to a new way of life and work can be challenging.  Getting the balance right is not easy and the initial novelty of working from home can soon wear off.  It has been commented on that enforced working from home for some people can have a negative impact on their their mental health, their motivation and productivity.

It's a bit like Marmite. Some people love having the opportunity to work from home, others hate it.  If you work from home, are you as Snug as a Bug, or do you feel bit left Out on a Limb?

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