Shake the Feeling

Feeling Versonic

29-03-2021 • 57 mins

Delighted to welcome singer-songwriter, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, function band member, session musician and all round muso Sam Christmas as my guest on Episode 033 'Shake the Feeling'.

Sam is a genuine music lover, with a palpable energy and enthusiasm for live music performance.  Given the chance, he would spend 100% of his time doing music, or work within the music industry in some capacity.

Sam fronted indie rock band Best of Enemies for 6 years, and is currently the bassist in Bellevue Days. He has toured the UK and Europe numerous times in his own bands, and also as a session player for other bands.

Sam launched his own solo music project in 2020, and is also guitarist/co-singer in 4 Repeats Sake covers band.




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