Kiss and Tell

Feeling Versonic

26-07-2021 • 55 mins

Delighted to welcome Singer-Songwriter Kit Bennett AKA Miss Kitty as my guest on Episode 044 of the Feeling Versonic Podcast - 'Kiss and Tell'.

A fierce believer in equality and defier of authority, Miss Kitty grew up a wild child of nature, predominantly in the southwest of England and Wales, though her first few years were spent aboard a 52 ft schooner, sailing around the Irish Sea.

Since taking up guitar as a teen and walking out of school at 15, life has been one crazy musical adventure after another, from winning a battle of the bands in Newquay aged 20, to spending two years in a cabin in South Wales with nothing but candlelight and an upright piano, to performing all over the UK and US with folk-pop band Wildflowers. Now we find her back in Bristol, with a string of singles and her DIY debut album Kiss & Tell under her belt.

Winning the hearts of listeners all over the world with the support of radio stations such as Resonance FM, Great Music Stories and Exile FM, Miss Kitty’s fast-growing fanbase is testament to her singing and songwriting prowess.


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