Falling in Love with Being Alive

Feeling Versonic

10-08-2021 • 1 hr

Delighted to welcome indie rock duo singer-songwriter Paul Hipson, and guitarist Hugh Frizell who make up the band 'Hippy' as my guests on Episode 045 the Feeling Versonic Podcast 'Falling in Love with Being Alive'.

Hippy formed in September 2019. Paul and Hugh met via a mutual acquaintance in Glasgow and hit it off both musically and personally. A studio was duly booked by October '19 with the boys recording and releasing their first single 'Aries Girl'. Subsequent songs and releases Feelgood, Junkyard Babies and Volunteer were released thereafter in early to mid 2020.

Paul is an established singer songwriter within the Glasgow community and beyond, and has played many gigs building up a solid following of his own. Hugh is an experienced guitar player and artist of many years with a background in touring, live, studio and writing within the blues, rock and indie genres.

An album 'Behind Every Song Is A Story' was released to critical acclaim in October 2020. The band also received national radio airplay via Billy Sloan at his BBC Radio Scotland show with Billy regularly playing the band on his Saturday night slot. The band have also received local airplay throughout the UK on various stations and music commentary podcasts.

New album 'Falling in Love with Being Alive' will be released globally on 27th August 2021 and it's a cracker.



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