My Life In Poetry Podcast

Moses Sichach

Support Podcast Via Paypal: Get 10% Off your BetterHelp Subscription: PROMO CODE: My Life In Poetry Support Via M-Pesa : 0707018640. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ​My life in Poetry Podcast is a first-person narrative Mental health awareness podcast hosted by Moses Sichach. ​ The podcast uses poems from Moses Sichach's early 20s to the present and gives them context through the historical and currenct socio-political Kenyan mental health environment. My Life In Poetry Podcast is for those who are suffering through similar experiences and those who are affected by living with persons struggling with poor mental health and are looking to understand their loved ones better. Sichach, a Kenyan struggling with poor mental health has opted to share his journey so far through poems that he has been writing since 2015 (Hoped to be published as an anthology called FEAR OF DEATH). All this while giving you the context of the poems, his honest role downward spiral, and thoughts about his future to encourage others and himself to keep on living. If you like what the podcast is trying to achieve share it with other people who might benefit from listening to my life in poetry podcast. read less