#Cowboys Six-Time All-Pro Zack Martin Hold Out x Trevon Diggs Contract Woes...

Law Nation Sports Podcast

19-07-2023 • 6 mins

According to sources, Zack Martin, a six-time All-Pro guard and team captain for the Cowboys, is contemplating skipping training camp. This decision stems from his dissatisfaction with his current contract and the team's apparent lack of interest in renegotiating it. Martin firmly believes that he is significantly underpaid compared to the prevailing market standards.

In the upcoming season, Martin is set to earn approximately $7 million less than the highest-paid guards in the NFL.

Former Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant recently addressed Trevon Diggs' contract situation on his Personal Corner Spaces platform, revealing that he has been in communication with Diggs. Bryant stated that Diggs isn't looking to demand an exorbitant contract from the Cowboys and that the team has not been displaying fairness towards him.

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