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ADHD and Anxiety in Entrepreneurship: Navigating Challenges and Achieving Success with Adriana
ADHD and Anxiety in Entrepreneurship: Navigating Challenges and Achieving Success with Adriana
On today's episode of the Sis, Glow Up! podcast, we sit down with Adriana, the founder of "The Lazy Millennial", a business dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with ADHD and anxiety manage their symptoms and achieve success. Adriana shares her personal experience of running a business with ADHD and anxiety and the strategies she has found effective in managing her symptoms. From balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with self-care to communicating with clients and team members, Adriana offers valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship with ADHD and anxiety. Be sure to follow Adriana on social media for more tips and resources. You can find her on Facebook at Adriana Richardson, on Instagram @the_lazymillennial, on LinkedIn at Adriana Richardson, on YouTube at The Lazy Millennial, on TikTok at @thelazym, and on her website Don't forget to subscribe to the Sis, Glow Up! podcast for more inspiring and informative episodes.  Thanks for tuning in to today's episode of the Sis, Glow Up! podcast. My nerves were kicking my butt today, which had me mispronouncing a few words :), but it's all love! To stay up to date with me, your host T'aira, check out my linktree for all my social media links and contact information. And if you enjoyed today's content and want to support the show, please consider making a donation to our podcast. We appreciate your support! --- Support this podcast: