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The Target Practice Podcast for Insurance Agents

05-04-2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

In the financial industry, if you want to make more target premium by growing your practice, marketing is where the work starts. What are the strategies that work? What are the pros and cons of each? Can you really do the marketing yourself or will you be better off handing that to somebody else? Marketing insurance products Marketing is getting potential clients to look, respond, react, or even start a conversation with you about your product. It is somebody giving you permission to sell to them, to send them marketing products and to talk to them. From newspaper advertisements, dinner seminars, radio and TV shows, and podcasts, to cold calling and knocking on doors, there are a plethora of options on how you can get a crack in the door and get somebody to listen to you. The good news is that everything works. On the flip side, there are so many more players in the market, combined with the internet’s infinite possibilities, making it difficult for you to stand out.

Everything works

The marketing strategies remain the same, all with their own pros and cons. Any strategy will work but only if you work it. Back in the days, cold calling and door knocking were the ways to go. These can still work right now for some people who are really good at it. A dinner seminar can work if you can make your presentation and message so powerful. Ultimately, you have to double down on where you’re good at. Learn more about the different marketing strategies from Charlie and Bobby, lessons they’ve learned, the pros and cons of each and know how the landscape is evolving and what that means to help you reach your target.

Do you have what it takes to become a marketer?

As mentioned earlier, every one of the marketing strategies will work if you work it. But many people in the industry discover early on that they are not good in sales and marketing and decide to move to another part of the business. This is completely fine and does not mean failure. A key to scaling your business rapidly is finding that area where you are better suited at and then growing around it. You can run your business on your own, but the reality is that there's no way you are as good as in all areas. Something will suffer and the client will not get all that they deserve. Hiring people with different skill sets or outsourcing your marketing will be the better move.

The financial industry has a 90% failure rate because it is hard. Anyone can learn to do it but not everybody can do it. But Charlie believes that you have all that you need to do it. Marketing is not always about resources but resourcefulness. Ultimately, you have to get out there and do it. As Bobby puts it, sales is a contact sport, you have to get out there to learn and be constantly improving.

Timing is everything. It is important to embrace change in the industry. Every human you deal with will be in a different situation in the future. The people who don't need or want what you have right now might need or want that in the future and you better be there when that happens.

In future episodes, Charlie and Bobby will unpack and give you tactical things that you can equip yourselves with so you can be all set to earning your target premium and more.

About Charlie Jewett

Charlie Jewett is an author, speaker, recruiter, trainer, consumer advocate and investment advisor from San Diego, CA. As the “Financial Services Whistleblower” Charlie has been trying to change the way that industry professionals and consumers think about retirement since 2005. With considerable years of experience and an array of professional certifications, Charlie focuses on stock market alternatives combined with tax-free retirement income and provides educational materials that help people to create their ideal retirement plan. He is the host of two podcasts, Renovating Retirement  and Target Practice for Advisors, as well as the author of “Renovating Retirement” and “Two Ways to Be Debt Free”, both available on Amazon Kindle.

About Bobby Alford

Bobby Alford has walked an unconventional path to becoming the CEO of Renovating Retirement. He spent 10 years in the US Submarine force, both as an officer and enlisted person, earning a degree in nuclear engineering along the way. Bobby then joined corporate America and worked for a Fortune 50 company in operations, finance, and sales management roles. After getting his MBA, he began working with military veterans to improve their retirement options. At that point he found Charlie Jewett and learned how to truly impact a person's financial life using the MERIT model of planning. Bobby joined Charlie and now uses his skills to grow their company toward achieving the goal of creating $1 billion dollars of annual tax-Free money for their clients.

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