When the Soul Speaks, the Heart Opens & the Spirits Guide

Shamanic Soul SiSTARs

03-03-2023 • 1 hr

In their sixth episode, Maria & Samantha share stories about connecting with their Spirit Guides, as well as offer tools & tips to help YOU connect with yours. Every human has an army of Guides (aspects of their own Higher Selves) subtly sending messages throughout their daily lives. To connect with this INtuitive guidance we have to work through quieting the programmed mind & feeling into the heart, allowing our awareness to expand. Connecting with our Spirit Guides requires TRUST, an openness to receiving their LOVE & wisdom, & dropping egoic fears, desires & expectations. It is a birthright to have a relationship with our Guides on the other side but as humans we tend to create our own unconscious & subconscious blocks to these empowering connections. Samantha & Maria discuss what some of the common blocks are when connecting with the Guides & they offer their own experiences to support others in their individual Spiritual journeys. To stay connected with the Shamanic Soul SiSTARs find all of their information here: https://linktr.ee/Sam.Maria.BranchesLLC