China surprise, Disney excelling, empty strip clubs and kids feeling the recession

Rolling Bananas with Mark and Pete

15-08-2022 • 17 mins

There has now been a 4 week Nasdaq rally so inevitably investors are asking is this the time to buy.  With an interest rate shock out of China this morning we're not so sure.

We discuss this and other recession indicators such as empty strip clubs (apparently), an increase in people turning to Only Fans as a way to earn money and the very sad state of your child's allowance!  Plus the super performance of Disney+ streaming as they overtake Netflix in the subscriber stakes!  And the levels of the River Rhine as drought worsens the economy across Europe.

In this episode:

  • The lowdown on the China interest rate surprise
  • Is this just a bear rally or are we at the bottom of the cycle?
  • Are Strip Clubs and Only Fans an early economic indicator
  • Disney's streaming excellence
  • The levels of the River Rhine and what it means for German exports
  • Falling allowance for kids, shock horror!