S7 E05: Wellness & The Life of The Artist with Cynthia Newland

Makers & Mystics

15-04-2020 • 28 mins

Cynthia Newland is an artist, educator, speaker and wellness consultant. She is the founder of Alible3 – Nourishing the Body, Soul and Spirit, providing educational resources and equipping tools for holistic health. With her work in the area of wellness, she partners with the Health Made Simple community. Cynthia is the founding Director of Feet Speak Dance, a dance company whose mission aims to use dance to teach, inspire and bring a rich art filled experience to all whom they encounter.

In this episode, Cynthia talks with Stephen about the importance of physical nourishment, nutrition and general health in the life of the artist.

Cynthia Newland

Music By: Cest’ Lis

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