Your Health and Authenticity

Authentic Living

29-10-2008 • 54 mins

Even those of us in the mind/body field still struggle with old beliefs that tell us that the body and mind are not united. But Dr. Bernie Siegel, one of our spiritual leaders in the field of medicine, sees it differently. Through his advocacy for patient empowerment and his powerful, poignant stand on living life fully and dying in peace, he teaches that the body responds positively to authentic living. His first bestselling book, Love, Medicine and Miracles, led to several other self-help books on healing by learning to live authentically. More recently he’s written a children’s book, Smudge Bunny, a parenting book, Love, Magic and Mud Pies, and a book for anyone struggling with loss, Buddy’s Candle. Currently he is working on a book of cancer survivor stories entitled Faith Hope and Healing. As a witness to thousands of personal stories Bernie has a story of his own to tell about authenticity and health. Don’t miss it.