A Conversation with DJ Craig Loftis aka The Grand High Priest and partner, Tonka Toi 090919

The Byrd's Nest

10-09-2019 • 1 hr 51 mins

A candid conversation between DJ Vernell Byrd and DJ Craig Loftis aka The Grand High Priest and his partner in The Lodge, Tonka Toi with a live in-studio mix of House Music. Craig Loftis has been a major player on the House Music scene for over 4 decades. He started as a manager and engineer for Frankie Knuckles at the original Warehouse, went on to engineer for DJ International and has put out hundreds of songs, mixes and remixes. DJ Vernell catches up with Craig aka The Grand High Priest to get his views on the state of House, what he's doing now and how he does it. Then they give you a taste of that good House Music! This episode includes some explicit language. The music used is for promotional use only. We don’t own the rights to it. send correspondence to gerald@riverrockent.com Be a Producer by making a donation at patreon.com/thebyrdsnest