Flicks 'n' Scoops Podcast


Films and ice cream. They go together like, well, films and ice cream. Each episode I ask a guest to pick a film they'd like to talk about, I make an ice cream inspired by the film and then we sit around and eat the ice cream whilst we chat about the film.

The Truffle Hunters with Camilla Reinhold and Judith Gilles - Flicks ’n’ ScoopsHigh Fidelity with Chris Davis - Flicks ’n’ ScoopsFavolacce with Lorenzo Musiu - Flicks ’n’ ScoopsLive and Let Die at PodFest Berlin - Flicks ’n’ ScoopsSubmarine with Julia Elger - Flicks 'n' ScoopsFour Lions with Matthew Greenhough - Flicks 'n' ScoopsThelma And Louise with Umsteigemöglichkeiten - Flicks 'n' ScoopsJurassic Park with Martha Lane - Flicks 'n' ScoopsWe Need To Talk About Kevin with Eli Lewy - Flicks 'n' ScoopsGrizzly Man with Ben Knight - Flicks 'n' ScoopsBarbarella with The Vagitators - Flicks 'n' ScoopsDie Hard with Basti Knight - Flicks 'n' ScoopsBuffalo '66 with Carly Jean Dorrington - Flicks 'n' ScoopsMidsommar with Emma Patmore - Flicks 'n' ScoopsWithnail and I with A Seat In Sheffield - Flicks 'n' ScoopsHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with Lyndsey Hall - Flicks 'n' ScoopsStarship Troopers with Alex Wennmann - Flicks 'n' ScoopsBlade Runner with Jonathan Hart - Flicks 'n' ScoopsChungking Express with Angela Li - Flicks 'n' Scoops8 Mile with Nata da Nata Records - Flicks 'n' Scoops