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If you’ve found yourself wondering WHAT TF happened to the middle of the road then you’re in the right place. ManTFup is a no-holds-bar, dive right in, and try not to get your feelings hurt podcast for the truly unheard population…the people in the middle. Frustrated with Political Correctness…We Feel You. Confused by all this Pronoun talk…We Got You. Over Cancel Culture…You’ll love the ManTFup squad. Join us for our intentionally controversial and always somewhat offensive (to someone) conversations…no topic is off-limits. *Disclaimer: This is an equal opportunity offender show…so pull up your big boy and big girl pants and get ready to ManTFup.* read less


Trauma Expert's Key Parenting Tips - S3 Ep 79
Trauma Expert's Key Parenting Tips - S3 Ep 79
🎙️ Welcome to Episode 79 of our weekly podcast, where we delve into the crucial world of mental health and parenting. In this eye-opening episode, we're honored to host a renowned trauma therapist who shares invaluable insights and advice for parents.🔍 Topics Covered:Understanding Trauma - Gain a deeper understanding of what trauma is and how it affects children.Common Parental Mistakes - Learn about the five critical mistakes parents unknowingly make that can lead to or exacerbate trauma in children.Effective Alternatives - Discover healthier parenting strategies that support emotional and psychological well-being.Resources for Help - Get information on where to find help and additional resources for both parents and children dealing with trauma.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Whether you're a parent, caregiver, educator, or just someone interested in the well-being of children, this episode is a must-listen. Our expert's insights can help you make positive changes in your parenting approach, ensuring a healthier, happier upbringing for your children.✅ Don't forget to subscribe for more insightful episodes, and share this one with other parents and caregivers in your network. Your feedback is invaluable - leave us a comment with your thoughts or questions!#ParentingPodcast #TraumaTherapy #MentalHealthAwareness #ParentingTips #ChildWellbeingAs always you can find the ManTFup Podcast on all streaming platforms and on our website at! Don't forget to subscribe and follow us!