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Change From The Inside

Life Changes YOU

07-05-2023 • 39 mins

I met Danyon the day we recorded this episode. I had been sent a reel of his on Instagram and thought he had a powerful story. I wasn't wrong :)

Danyon has been through quite a lot in his young life but to hear him talk with such emotion and insight you can see how far he has come. Danyon is a true fighter and someone who has really learnt some tough lessons. He doesn't shy away from what he has been through and uses it to teach others through his resilience. I am glad to know Danyon and he has shown me different ways to see ourselves and how to create better things even though life can seem stacked against you :)

I'm Danyon, I'm originally from Christchurch, New Zealand , From a young age I never felt like I was like the other kids.. In actual fact I wasn't.. I was ME.. Thru out my years on this earth I have gone down many rabbit holes and ended up in dark places.. Addiction and Prison being two of them.. However thru the dark I have found my purpose and that is giving brothers and sisters like myself some HOPE and making it clear if I can change anyone out there can and it starts within.. I am now training to be a qualified Chef and am engaged to an amazing Women called Cole.

I now know it's possible to have a good life and learn to love yourself...

If you are reading this and are struggling, message me let's chat :)

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