Weird Tales Radio Show hosted by Charles Christian

Weird Tales Radio Show

Join English barrister and Reuters correspondent turned writer, editor, award-winning tech journalist and sometime werewolf-hunter Charles Christian for one hour of folklore, the supernatural, folk horror and other weirdness. "Fun and high strangeness" is how one listener described the show. The show archive of 187 episodes runs from September/Mabon 2017 to October/Halloween 2021.

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Weird Tales Radio Show Sampler
Episode 187: Chasing Ghosts & Talking to the DeadEpisode 186: Still Bloody After All These Years - the long History of Serial KillersEpisode 185: The Horror of Office JargonEpisode 184: Poisons, Tattoos & TarotEpisode 183: October Horrors & Michaelmas FolkloreEpisode 182: New England Folklore & LegendsEpisode 181: True Crimes & FolkloreEpisode 180: Runes, Magic & NazisEpisode 179 Kolchak, Dracula & other Moral TalesEpisode 178 Area 51 to Zero GravityEpisode 177: Lara Maiklem on MudlarkingEpisode 176: Howling at the Moon - the Anatomy of WerewolvesEpisode 175: Our Obsession with the UnexplainedEpisode 174: Shuckland & Ghoul’s Guide to GibbetsEpisode 173: Project Stargate & Paranormal WarfareEpisode 172: Vampires, Dinosaurs, Witchcraft & the Nameless TraditionEpisode 171: The Truth is out there & so are the cover-upsEpisode 170: The “Close Encounters Man” Allen Hynek… and Star Trek TV?Episode 169: Small Town Monsters & Dark SkiesEpisode 168: Inside the Magic Research Lab & Dyatlov Solved?