What Mary Knew

As You Go

20-12-2023 • 20 mins

Whether you listen during the Christmas season or at another time of the year, this episode brings insight into Jesus' mother Mary and her exemplary faith. As a young Jewish girl, she was typical in many ways. And yet, we see by the things the Holy Spirit included in the Bible about her that she was also extraordinary.

Even though a very young girl:

1) Mary was preparing for the future she assumed would be hers. When her plans were completely upended by the visit from the angel Gabriel, she knew what to do.

2) Mary knew she needed other women in order to deal with life's surprises and challenges, as evidenced by her extended visit with her cousin Elizabeth.

3) Mary knew the Word of God. Though they are not named, we know that she had been discipled by those around her in her childhood. Because of her rich foundation in the Scriptures, she was able to be strong for the special task God had for her.

4) Mary knew that God's plan is always best. Her song of praise is a wonderful testimony to her firm faith in God.

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