"For Richer or Poorer" with Margie Patton

As You Go

11-10-2023 • 25 mins

Listen in as Host Ruth McDonald and Margie Patton talk about navigating the "richer and poorer" seasons of marriage. What does it mean to be truly rich? The Bible says that "godliness with contentment is great gain", and yet the area of finances is often one of the most problematic issues in a marriage.

Margie Patton currently lives in Leadington, Missouri, but she and her late husband, Wayne, have followed the call of ministry to many states and countries around the world. She shares meaningful insights into how she and Wayne made financial decisions, how they resolved the issue of needs & wants, and how they made ends meet when they didn't quite have enough.

This episode is Part I of Margie’s  interview. Part 2 will follow up with "In Sickness and In Health."

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