Wounds, Scars and Healing

As You Go

07-02-2024 • 44 mins

"I just want to be a grownup Christian woman!"

Childhood trauma left Tammy Lancaster feeling like she often became 4 years old all over again. In this episode, you can listen in on a conversation between Tammy and Ruth McDonald as they talk about real life issues that affect our emotional health... often for a lifetime.

Tammy and her husband Jamie ministered as church planting missionaries in Uruguay for over 20 years and are now residing in Nashville, TN and are with IM,Inc. In this podcast, she touches on sensitive subjects such as abandonment, trauma, divorce, neglect and abuse. And yet, the conversation is full of healing, hope, and joy as she shares about her path to emotional wholeness.

It's not a short episode, but you will be blessed by Tammy's story. If you are struggling with hurts that you cannot quite get over, you will be encouraged to seek out help from the body of Christ and skilled professionals. And, no matter your background, you will be challenged to love, support and encourage those around you. 500605

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